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Adopt a tree

Plant a tree

The advantages of planting a tree are manifold. Trees produce oxygen; purify the air by removing the main greenhouse gases – Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide; help in reduction of pollution; prevent soil erosion and flooding, and provide us with numerous necessities such as food, shelter and medicines.

Trees also play a very important part in sustaining and enhancing biological diversity of the planet.

‘Plant a Tree Campaign’ is a campaign motivated by a similar campaign carried by WWF India known as ‘Adopt a tree’. This campaign is in association with District Forest Department, Kullu at Nature Park, Mohal in which we offer people to plant trees on different occasions like Birthdays, Anniversaries, remembrance etc. Different species of trees would include Deodar and Cedar, commonly found trees in this region for plantation.
The volunteer or any other organization or any school should assure of regular visits and looking after his assigned plant. If desired, there can be a name board assigned to a volunteer and publishing the activity on the website and other news agencies.

Schools interested in group plantation activities are also encouraged by us to contact.

Kindly fill this form an return it to the address provided on the bottom of this form. We shall contact you and assist you with the site preparation and procedure of plantation.

Yes, I pledge to Adopt a Plant and nurture it into a tree!